Migraine by Food Intolerance

We analyze the relationship between headaches and poor diet: migraines and headaches can be caused by food binges, alcohol, fatty or fried foods taken in excessive doses overload the digestive system and disposal.

Often the enemy can be a daily food instead considered harmless and beneficial but towards which it unwittingly has created a food intolerance.

Unfortunately, the food of our times are polluted with heavy metals, pesticides or additives and whatever harms flora and intestinal mucosa, making them devoid of their ability to filter toxic metabolites. This situation triggers a reaction of the immune system. This makes us understand why food allergies are triggered by foods eaten frequently.

The immune cells store the antigen and bring into the alarm system whenever they come into contact with the specific food, giving rise to an inflammatory process. The symptoms of food intolerance can involve different organs and systems from the gut, not excluding the brain, studies show that the symptom of headache is directly related to gluten intolerance.

In addition, liver and kidneys are overloaded continuous work and what destabilizes the body, exacerbating the frequency of headaches.

The typical headache from food intolerance is often characterized by throbbing pain, as a result of intense cerebral vasodilation, involving cheeks and around the eyes, the pain may be accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to light and noise. Abusing with anti-inflammatory drugs does not solve the problem but leads to side effects.

Then run to the aid of the buccal performing the test food intolerance test which identify the cause of food intolerance.